Event Broker AgentEnginePluginKey.extensibility changes not persisting

Bob Bradley 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

Event Broker extensibility files deployed from the DEV lab have been updated with TEST environment references, but only the changes to the OperationEnginePluginKey extensibility file is persisting. I initially thought this was just error on my part, or a crashed service or something, but I had noticed that after the last reboot I had to re-enter the agent details. I have done this 3 times now I think, and it is only by chance that I can see right now that the timestamp on this filedate is still showing 30/7/2012 when it should be today's date.
I have checked and UAC is not turned on for this server. I have not seen this problem on any other environment so far, but the thing that is unusual (for me) about this deployment is that it is the only one I've seen installed without the IIS option.


What is different about the OperationEnginePluginKey extensibility file is that this has had a string replacement script run over it to replace environment-specific strings. I am now thinking the problem is something to do with the way I deployed the files from DEV.

Hi Bob,

Are you able to ensure that the Event Broker service account has the same permission for the files that work to the ones that don't?

There is a known issue EB-471, fixed in Event Broker v3.0.3.

I explicitly added the EvB service account to the Extensibility folder and gave it update rights ... then went to the console and forced an update for all of the agents - the file date has now been updated correctly. Thanks.

Problem has been resolved by version 3.0.3 so work-arounds are only necessary in earlier versions