Can you clarify please

Nigel Jones 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 4

EB doco says ……..It should also be noted that there are valid cases where it is useful not to have a schedule on an operation list. This includes
lists which should only ever be manually triggered from Event Broker, and also those that are only ever triggered by the Event
Broker Changes Activity.

Isn’t it the schedule that decides “how often ” the changes detection runs

If so what is the para in the doco saying ?


What am I missing here Matt !!

If the EB300:Configuring the Event Broker Changes Activity is triggering the Operation List, then you may wish to not have a schedule for the Operation List.

Read EB300:FIM Portal Integration. It explains that FIM portal calls into EB to run the Operation List. Which is why a schedule may not be needed.

Thanks Adam.. got it ...

Another situation is if you use an operation list for initial baselining, or don't wish to automate full sync processing.