Event Broker 3.1 Upgrade - loss of Documentation and Support links

Bob Bradley 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

Noticed that the former Documentation and Support links appear to be missing - can these please be reinstated, or if they are hiding somewhere can they be made more obvious please? I find these useful as I am sure other users will too.

Hi Bob,

Can you try forcing a browser refresh with Ctrl + F5? The links should be there and it's possible there's some cached stylesheets from 3.0 that is causing the problem.

Yes thanks Patrick Johannessen - Tony Sheehy just told me about this problem and that was indeed the case. Need to make a note in the install/readme/release guide if it's not already there.

Confirmed problem resolved for both myself and Henry Schleichardt yesterday. Seems to be a common upgrade issue worth documenting.