Improved scheduling capabilities

Patrick Johannessen 14 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

Event Broker v2.x had limited scheduling capabilities, typically allowing for operations to be performed only in intervals (e.g. every 1 hour).

Event Broker v3.0 should improve on the existing capabilities by allowing for the following:

  • Support for different kinds schedules, including timed (e.g. midnight every day), support for exclusion periods (hourly but not between 9am and 5pm), etc. The Timing page for Identity Broker provides sufficient examples.
  • A user interface component that allows for easy configuration of these timing. This will ideally contain a graphical representation, but is not a requirement due to time and resources constraints.

Just assigning this to you for now as remaining blocked sub-task is information on the scheduling UI component.

Matt, as you know the most about the new scheduling stuff I'm assigning you to oversee it all. The most significant remaining item is the Scheduling UI component, which will likely require the whole team.

Significant improvements to Event Broker scheduling made. Resolved.

Was waiting on EB-118. Closed.