Copy and Paste run profiles

Peter Wass 14 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

At ACT Edu they have 89 MA's. Each of these needs a global full, delta, and export run profile created. Its currently an all day task, especially if they want to move things around. They would like to be able to copy and paste run profiles between or into the same area (global->global, global->MA) and then modify them as a faster method of getting things moving.

I agree that this would be good idea, however may be mitigated by a much improved wizard based UI as planned in Event Broker v3.0.

In the mean time, they may want to consider using the import/export feature which exports Event Broker configuration as XML, the XML can then be manipulated to easier create the scale of items they are dealing with.

If they wish to take this approach, I recommend doing three MAs manually so that any patterns required in the XML (such as IDs that must be globally unique, etc.) can be determined and replicated

Matt, does the ability to copy operation lists cater for this?

Operation lists can now be copied. The use of agents also removes the tediousness of individual operation creation. Marked as resolved pending usability feedback


Does Matthews above comment satisfy the original request?



Can you review when installing for ACMA and Cathed as this was your request in the beginning.



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