Upgrade timings to support "Next Run"

Patrick Johannessen 14 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

The timing components in Unify.Framework need to be upgraded with a property that calculates a DateTime value of the next time the timing is expected to execute.

As we're using a released version of Framework, the appropriate classes will need to be pulled in to the Event Broker solution, modified and integrated back in to a future version of the framework (e.g. v3.1.0).

Estimate includes development, testing and re-integration in to framework.

The ScheduleCollection in OperationEngine should not be flushed every time the engine is recreated - it should be saved to the Stored Value Collection or elsewhere, and then loaded back in on service restart. Alternatively, once run, the schedule of the operation list should be updated with the schedule including the most recent job. I would need to actually test this is the right idea

Current work is yet to be checked in

WeeklyExclusion and DatesExclusion timings have had NextRun information added and exposed, but should be reviewed and unit tested. Other timings seem to be functioning as expected

All timings NextRun information exposed and unit tested. Resolved until tested by the engine

Matthew, can this be closed?

Absolutely, this has been thoroughly tested via the Event Broker scheduler and UI by multiple users. Closed.