Ability to copy operation lists

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 16

The ability to copy operation lists would make configuration of Event Broker much simpler. It would be useful for EB-39 in allowing operations lists to be easily reconfigurable, as well as to avoid repetition between similar systems (eg. if the same operations are carried out for 10 Active Directory systems, it would only be a matter of changing the agent, rather than recreating the operation list from scratch)

This should be very easy in v3.0... just clone the information on the client, edit the Guid and post it back to the server.

Adam, is this still relatively easy to implement on both the Service & UI?

I cannot imagine this being done on the client. I see this being a function on the server. Please let me know if this is something we will need in this version.

It would be triggered on the client but the configuration doesn't have to been copied and then re-posted. Just have a "Copy operation list" method that takes the Guid of the operation list you want to copy, and it creates a clone with a new ID and re-inserts it. Everything else should take care of itself then.

That's what I was thinking, but what about operation id's? Would you not want to update those?

I can see this being doable on the client - have an interim view that is more like a "Copy To" than a "Copy" in terms of putting it in a clipboard. Choose which operation list group it should be copied to and its new name. And yes, it is likely we'd want to update the operation IDs.

Yeah, that too. Basically anything you have to. If I'm making it sound easier than it is and it would actually take days to implement then I'd be fine pushing it back, but I don't think it would.

Feel free to assign this to me too, I could take a shot at it

Functionality complete

Currently failing with default security permissions, even though the operation only requires the OperationsAddRole (and other add operations work):

System.ServiceModel.Security.SecurityAccessDeniedException: Access is denied.

Assigned to Patrick to investigate if this is an authorization issue. Assign back to me if not

Stack trace on the server side is as follows:

at System.Security.Permissions.PrincipalPermission.ThrowSecurityException()
at System.Security.Permissions.PrincipalPermission.Demand()
at System.Security.PermissionSet.DemandNonCAS()
at Unify.Product.EventBroker.EventServiceCollectorSecurityDecorator.CopyOperationList(Guid sourceOperationListId, String newOperationListName) in S:\Hg\Product\EventBroker\Local\Source\Unify.EventBroker.EventEngine\EventServiceCollectorSecurityDecorator.cs:line 564
at Unify.Product.EventBroker.EventServiceCollectorUnifyPrincipalDecorator.CopyOperationList(Guid sourceOperationListId, String newOperationListName) in S:\Hg\Product\EventBroker\Local\Source\Unify.EventBroker.EventEngine\EventServiceCollectorUnifyPrincipalDecorator.cs:line 617
at Unify.Product.EventBroker.EventServiceCollectorHost.CopyOperationList(Guid sourceOperationListId, String newOperationListName) in S:\Hg\Product\EventBroker\Local\Source\Unify.EventBroker.EventEngine\EventServiceCollectorHost.cs:line 487
at SyncInvokeCopyOperationList(Object , Object[] , Object[] )
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.SyncMethodInvoker.Invoke(Object instance, Object[] inputs, Object[]& outputs)

Should be fixed now.

Tony, please test the copy operation lists.


Confirmed - Every operation, check operation and schedule is correctly copied across including the op lists details

{description, queue etc}

Tony, I assume you meant to close this.