Update WeeklyExclusion to account for exclusion periods

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

The current setup for the WeeklyExclusion timing allows a user to specify days of the week when the timing should not fire. However, for Event Broker v3.0.0, consider the following use case:

Not between 4pm and 7pm on Thursdays

The current setup as per Framework v3.0.1 to present instead does the following:

Not on Thursdays or between 4pm and 7pm any day

The first case may be a more desirable case, although both should be accounted for.

DailyExclusion has now been updated to take a "DaysExclusionApplies" parameter which specifies what days of the week the exclusion applies. If no days are specified, the exclusion is assumed to apply all days of the week.

The following now addresses the below use case:

<timing name="DailyExclusion" UseLocal="true">
<ExclusionPeriod DaysExclusionApplies="Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday" start="08:30:00" end="17:00:00" />
<timing name="Daily" TimeOfDay="13:00:00" UseLocal="true" />

Run every day at 1pm, but don't run between 8:30am and 5pm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

This also allows for the specification of multiple exclusion periods in a week

Marked as resolved until tested by the engine

Matthew, has this been tested?


Yes, the combination allows for the use case to be met successfully. Closed.

Discovered issue where daily exclusion timing was actually considering every day as inside the exclusion period. Added unit test, tested in Event Broker, and resolved. To be confirmed by another person tomorrow.

A way to test this is to add a schedule running every 12 hours from 5pm, not running Sunday to Friday between midnight and 11pm, and with a date exclusion of this Saturday.

Assigned to Tony to confirm resolution in the service.

Tested and confirmed complete.