System administrators like to observe activity/errors through existing monitoring tools.

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

System administrators prefer to observe activity and errors through existing monitoring tools, such as SCOM. The value of Event Broker (and our entire product range) in an Enterprise would be greatly improved by permitting this.

Although I completely agree with the value this would add to the product, time constraints rule it out as an inclusion in Event Broker v3.0. As such, I will assign it to v3.x for review some time in the future.

It may be possible to cater for this (in the short term) by ensuring logging to the Windows Event viewer works as expected. In the longer term, SNMP may be able to cater for current process, and administrators can choose how they'd like to view that.

Totally understand it may be out of scope for this version. Happy to re-assess at a later point.

My understanding (which I imagine is incorrect at this point) is that such integration would have required some UI component or the ability to control certain actions in Event Broker. If it's strictly an observation thing, then I say we keep it on the table, if only to implement perhaps a subset level of functionality to provide a path forward and receive feedback on.

As we're likely to require significant changes to the Logging Engine (which will mean pulling it from Framework Core v3.0.5 in to Event Broker for modification), this may be an ideal location to add support for it.

I disagree that this is a duplicate.

I am not talking about performance monitoring, I am talking about operation monitoring and SNMP. Perfmon would be a downstream tool for looking for the cause of operational issues.