Should there be an auto-configuration mechanism?

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

There has been talk about this, but should there be an auto-configuration wizard/generator for any part of version 3? I think the initial idea was to create an operation list for every detected MA.

In particular, this could be useful for the FIM Portal custom activity, which requires a full baseline operation list - containing a full sync operation for every detected MA (I imagine you could do this by checking the step details of a run profile). Would this be something worthwhile for v3.0.0, or is it something that should be put off/avoided?

An auto-configuration wizard would certainly improve the value of Event Broker. If for simple FIM installations all one need do is point the auto-configuration at the FIM service, and you get a mostly working Event Broker installation, then the reach for users is far greater.

Of course, you may need to look at project momentum. Unless basic functionality can be completed in time, there's not much point worrying about this.

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