Export/Import config for individual MAs

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

The ability to export/import configuration for individual MAs, not just the whole Event Broker solution, would save time.

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I believe this has been taken care of by the use of the extensibility files for v3.0.0. Moreover, the concept of an "MA" no longer really applies.

Patrick, can you please confirm if you agree?

How has this been solved with Extensibility files? If anything it's been made it more difficult.

Although the concept of MAs doesn't apply, what this issue really means based on conversations with others (Craig, etc) is "the ability to export selected parts of the configuration so they can be imported elsewhere without affecting the rest of the configuration."

It's too grand an idea for v3.0 but is roadmapped for discussions in v3.1.