Operation and Operation List Comments

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

A new attribute to be added to the schema of both Operation and Operation List object classes, and a corresponding free text field placed in the UI, in order to allow Event Broker configurations to be documented. This attribute is to be optional and not to have any bearing whatsoever on the operation of the service or console - purely to serve as "self documentation". Server export/import functionality will need to be extended to include this new attribute for both classes.

This will also provide a means of diarising any post-deployment changes to a configuration in any given environment, as well as the initial deployed configuration by the original implementor.

Need to evalute whether we should implement this in v3.0

My instinct says yes, as I can see it being quite helpful and relatively easy to implement.

I agree, this is now very easy to implement, but a lower priority than other things at the moment

Adding an operation list comment clears the operations from the list - to be fixed


Comments are on lists. Create a new issue for next version if comments are required at a lower level.

Comments on lists are a big step forward ... more than happy to leave it at that for now, and this is better than before anyway