OpenLDAP Changes Plugin

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

We're using the OpenLDAP MA in anticipation of having the Identity Broker for TAM MA ... there is no change detection mechanism for this, and this would be handy from a "third party sales of Event Broker" perspective, even though it is questionable as to its present desirability on the DET/IBM contract .

Matt, please speak with Bob about whether this is still applicable.

Assigned to Bob. Bob, is this plugin still something we should consider?

Yes Matt ... but probably on the same level as the eDir plug-in, there is not going to be an immediate demand for it, but I'd rather have one in advance of winning a job which required it . In the case of OpenLDAP I think that it makes even more sense than eDir ... in fact I am about to do a proposal where one of the options (in an option paper which will also include Identity Broker) will be the use of the OpenLDAP MA. Since they already have Event Broker, then they would need this should they choose that option ... but we're all hoping to present a pretty compelling case for Identity Broker regardless.

Back to Matt ... probably higher priorities right now, but this MA being a generic "open source" one it would be an excellent thing to help promote Event Broker.

Assigned to v3.0.0

Assigned to Tony for development

Resolved as all sub-tasks complete.