Improve workflow UI to retrieve a list of operation lists from Event Broker

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

In the development of the Event Broker Changes UI component, an attempt was made to retrieve a list of operation lists from the Event Broker service, to avoid the need to insert the operation list identifier into the interface (Guid). However, the FIM portal seemed to struggle with the service contract reference in the UI, for no clear reason. Debugging UI components in the portal proved to be quite difficult, with trace logs not even revealing the source of error. In the interest of progress, further research into this was cut, but may be revisited at a later stage.

Due to difficulties debugging FIM UI components, this has been moved to v3.x, or will be revisited during product testing if time permits

Tony Sheehy, would our efforts be better spend on EB-545, instead of this issue?