Rename Management Agents

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

The ability is required to rename management agents in the tree-view when there is a rename in the corresponding ILM configuration. Presently any existing configuration for a renamed MA can be exported and re-imported to resolve this as a work-around - otherwise it becomes "orphaned".

Despite our improvements with agents so far, we may need to do something a little more with this. Perhaps we can detect when the number/name of management agents change and bring up warnings on operations with MAs that don't exist anymore, etc.

A warning could suffice here - a big issue in v2.X was that when this happened, the only warning appeared in the log file, and wasn't always too helpful in working out the problem. It would be good if the agent/operation configurations could stay in tact, while the run profile/MA could be changed.

As found in EB-209, management agents have a Guid identifier that does not change on rename

It has been found that this is not possible in the handling of run profiles, as the MIIS_ManagementAgent Execute WMI method can only be invoked using the run profile name

Addressed by the use of management agent ID for retrieving MAs over WMI.

Tony, could you please test this, just so we know that it's repeatable.


This has been tested and confirmed.