Create auto-configuration wizard/feature

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

If time permits, an auto-configuration wizard could be created. At the very least, this could create an operation list group for each existing management agent in a FIM instance. Additional functionality could be to:

  • In the presence of a delta import delta sync profile, add this to an incoming operation list
  • In the presence of an export profile, add this to an outgoing operation list
  • For FIM Portal configuration, a baselining operation list should be created which runs a full sync on every management agent.

Agent creation and plugins would all need to be done manually.

Added baselining operation list requirement

Matthew, what is your plan for this?

On creation of a new FIM agent, the user will be prompted if they want to autoconfigure the structure of their solution.


  • All existing management agents turned into groups
  • Incoming and outgoing operation lists created for all MAs - simply dictated by "ManagementAgentName Incoming/Outgoing"
  • A "baselining" operation list created
  • "All incoming" and "all outgoing" group created

Nice to have:

  • Only add incoming and outgoing lists if import/export operations are detected
  • Incoming lists contain delta import delta sync run profiles, outgoing contains one export profile

Sounds fine Matt. Only thing I would add is it would be great if you could get a "preview" before the lists/groups are created, and optionally deselect ones you don't want. Will likely come down to time and complexity, though.

Autoconfig wizard added and working

Reducing remaining estimate

Please work with Matthew to test the auto-configure wizard.


Confirmed - With the four MAs as of testing (on prdgrp1) each MA successfully had an Incoming / Outgoing and Synchronization operation list attributed to it. A baseline operation list was successfully created for the FIM agent. An operation group was successfully created for each operation list.