Run profiles and plugins need better UI representation in lists

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

Presently, run profiles and plugins are listed in operation lists simply by their plugin name, rather than by anything useful. For example, a run profile should appear in an operation list as "MA Run Profile", eg. "Chris21 Delta Import"

Plugin names should have a similar representation, rather than taking the format "Unify.EventBroker.PlugIn.PlugInName" on every screen.

Assigned to Adam

Assigned to Matt for FIM management agent name.

Management agent names and run profiles will be stored by the FIM agent locally and refreshed on a scheduled job (that can also be forced). The two main contributors for this are as follows:

  • The operation to retrieve the management agent names and IDs via WMI can take some time, if the server is either slow, unresponsive, or busy. An example remote WMI call to retrieve management agent names took just under 15 seconds - as such, the UI should not continually be waiting for this just to merely display names that do not change too frequently
  • The dependency of having to contact the FIM instance to display configuration is removed (this is the primary reason). A temporary solution of displaying the management agent ID instead of the name was considered, but this was quickly moved on from as the ID has no significance to the user

Run profile retrieval will again include the ID as well as the run profile name so as to address changes to run profile names. This will not be able to address the removal and addition of brand new profiles, and users should be made aware of these.

Agent refreshing happens on a scheduled job. Still outstanding:

  • Because the operation now happens on a schedule, any exceptions are caught and squashed to prevent the scheduler from faulting. This occurs before the message is able to be logged, and as such, should be either done at the logging level somehow, or an alert raised (preferred option)

Outside of this, the job can also be forced manually from the agents page


Is this working as expected?


This appears correctly both on the Event Broker Studio and in the logs. Issue closed.