Add logging to all engines

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

The various Event Broker engines should log activity to the application log, as well as log any exception messages.

I've completed the logging but now I'm getting a "JSON data from server could not be parsed". Can you have a look at this to see if I'm using any weird, illegal characters or something?

Another issue - inner exception details aren't being recorded in the log. For example:

"Operation f5ed29a8-8798-4a25-b501-0ddc800e13c2 failed in operation list with id e85b4df8-039e-4729-b335-24479c489c48 for the following reason. This is retry number 1: Exception occurred attempting to clear the run history, refer to the inner exception"

This was the total message I had with an error in the clear run history plugin.

This is logged in the OperationListExecutorSink itself, in the OperationListExecutorFaulted method

There were some .Message calls being done still, fixed that issue

Please confirm.


Confirmation of engine logging functionality.