Groups pages need some clarification

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

Group related pages do not explain very clearly what certain operations do, nor what effect certain properties have. Specifically:

  • It is unclear what "Edit Operation List Groups" does - this brings up a selection between "None" and "Normal" for operation lists. Presumably this means that the operation list is in the group?
  • Maybe a group would benefit from having a comment like an operation list comment to explain the purpose of the group?
  • As with our other pages, some descriptions of each page would help

The page should also just have a simple note to state if there are no groups, rather than displaying no groups

The "Edit Operation Lists" page seems to put all radio buttons in the same control, allowing only one to be selected and added at a time. It also is a confusing representation, not allowing you to see what operation lists are currently added as normal or trigger operations.

If a group is not an exclusion group, it is also kind of confusing to have the "None" and "Normal" titles to determine whether or not they are a member of the group. Perhaps something like "Not a Member, Normal Member, Trigger Member" would be more clear.

Please confirm.


Confirmed, issue closed