Event Broker command shell plug-in uses 100% CPU while waiting for command shell to return

Mark Southwell 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 6

Something I'm also battling with is that Event Broker maxes out the CPU when running the Command Shell Wrapper plugin. It does this when calling the Powershell script that I wrote to create class groups. The script is still executed but performance is impacted by the Broker Service. I have reproduced the issue running the wrapper via the UI and the service. Is this a known issue? Happy to diagnose further if the issue is new.

From Mark Southwell:

Thanks for that, EvB version is 2.2.3. I can work around it by scheduling the run via Windows Task Scheduler. It’s just neater to run via EvB.

From Mark Southwell:

Great thanks again Shane!

Most likely it would go unnoticed unless the thing being called takes time and cycles to execute, which my PS script does. I tried shelling out to a batch file instead of calling the powershell exe directly, issue remains.

Let me know if I can assist in diagnosis.

We need to ensure this does not happen in v3.0

After a number of tests on v3.0 this behavior could not be reproduced. If this problem persists through release, please reassign this issue.

Issue resolved in V3