Tabs are not lined properly with form in Internet Explorer 8

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 7

The tabs do not line up properly in Internet Explorer 8. Will attach screenshot.

If you get a chance to look at this (because you may have access to a VM), have a look at the _layout page.

The include css should be similar to the ones already there.

If it doesn't make sense, leave it for me when I'm in next.


I have IE8 on my machine and can see no problems. I seem to remember you making some IE-specific changes after v3.0.0.0, so this may already be resolved - however, I think we could benefit from a little bit more research in to this whole quirks/compatibility mode thing to ensure changes we make are appropriate no matter what settings are used.

I remembered after making the previous comment, but without access to a computer, that I had added the compliance meta tag. EB should render in IE8 mode, not the quirks mode. I also changed the stylesheets around so that IE8 is rendered correctly.

In summary, do not develop for IE8 compatibility mode, only for IE8.

Assigned to Shane for comment.

Not sure what comment you want me to make, but I agree it should work in IE8 mode, not quirks.