Should I be able to make changes to an operation list schedule while it is enabled?

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 11

Should I be able to make changes to an operation list schedule while it is enabled? Because I can right now

I personally don't have a problem with this as the addition, modification or removal of schedules should not affect the existing execution of operation lists nor confuse the user, but Matthew can confirm whether this is the intended behaviour or not.

I don't actually have a problem with it, was just wondering if it was by design or not.

No, you shouldn't be able to edit anything when the operation list is enabled.

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Why shouldn't I be allowed to modify schedules while it is enabled?

Our plan was not to allow any operation list configuration changes while the operation list is running, for consistency and stability. It seems inconsistent to disallow the editing of all other properties except for this one

The plan was to not allow editing of options that could become a source of confusion. For example, if an operation list that takes an hour to run is in its first five minutes of execution and a new operation is added to the end of it, it will cause confusion when either displaying an operation that won't run or not displaying an operation for 55 minutes after they've added it. I don't see how the same applies to schedules.

The advantage to schedules is their implications can be "safely" edited under the same scenario and have the UI accurately reflect the change. I think the point of this issue is that it is inconsistent with the behaviour of the rest of the operation list's configuration

No, the point of the issue is that Shane's asking if this is intended behavior or not - he's clearly stated that he doesn't have a problem either way.

The only reason I'm grilling you is that if you make a statement such as "No, you shouldn't be able to edit it", then you are required to justify it accordingly.

Will leave it on me and discuss with Adam further.

There seems to be a lot of confusion around this issue Tony, as you can actually edit existing schedules but not add new ones. It needs to be grouped one way or the other, and as I'd rather not introduce the added complexity + testing time of being able to add schedules while enabled, can you please remove the ability to edit/delete existing schedules while enabled and resolve this issue.

Next version we will make it available while enabled.

Reassigned for confirmation of completion.

As per discussion, will be on the road and can't confirm before beta release.