Notification of failed operation lists

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

My Identity Broker import operation list failed due to not having the correct WCF end-points configured, however from the main screen I couldn't really see that this had occurred. Perhaps I didn't notice anything due to tiredness last night, however it would be nice if the main screen said the last run resulted in an error.

There is an alert for this that I believe should be raised immediately after an operation list fails, although I'm not entirely sure what we consider to be a failure. Adam, can you look at this?

This may be due to the exception handling in the run profile plug-in.

I'll discuss this with you when you get a chance.

Please assign back to me once you've read this.


Tomorrow sounds good.

Tony, as soon as you have time today, can you please diagnose this issue.

Use similar steps as Shane to recreate a failure in an operation list then determine why an alert is not being raised for it.

This notification has been resolved with the help of Adam - Reassigned for confirmation of completion.