Alert Icons Missing In Opera

Richard Courtenay 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Minor stuff, but just noticed the alerts dont have the icons under Operas browser

Sorry can't edit this. Affected version is EB 3.0.0

IIRC Adam we just change the style of list item used, so it's pretty weird that Opera wouldn't support something as basic as that.

Tony has done some research on this issue and it seems to be a problem specific to Opera. Due to the likelihood of someone using Opera in a production environment (<0.5% I'd say) and the fact it is non-breaking (alerts can still be read and responded to), this is being re-targeted to the next release.

Tony, do you recall what the cause of the issue was? Can you please add a link to any supporting documentation you came across?

If there is a quick fix let me know, otherwise close as "won't fix", and we can come back to it if required.

No longer an issue in v3.1 through Opera Version 11.64