Incorrect and missing tooltips / captions and descriptions

Tony Sheehy 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 2

The following are a list of tooltips and descriptions that need to be updated:


  • In the Check Operation drop-downs, 'SQL Changes' should be 'SQL Server Changes' and 'SQL Commit' should be 'SQL Server Commit'.
  • The page titles for both the LDAP Commit and Changes need to be altered to reflect their new names.
  • The 'No agents' prompt on the LDAP Changes page needs to be altered to reflect the revised name.
  • Both the views of the respective Group and Operation Lists actions of the Group controller require page titles.


  • The Home page needs a label and link detailing a situation in which no operation lists exist.
  • The Groups page needs a label detailing a situation in which no groups exist.

Can you make these changes easily enough Tony?

Tooltips updated and included respectively