Event Broker v3.0.0 refresh logging mechanism

Shane Lim 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 8

There is no refresh button available when viewing the Event Broker logging. If the Internet Explorer's Refresh button is used, it goes back to the first page. The view the latest log entries must navigate to the "Last" Page again.

Sorry this should be an "Improvement" request type, rather than a question. Could you please help to correct this.

I too found myself looking for a refresh button ... using F5 out of habit, I did notice that some context was lost in some scenarios.

In addition, when I select the option to Show 100 entries, after the IE's Refresh it reset to 10.

Basically, I am hoping for a Refresh or Update of latest log entries without having to needing to change other settings again.

Refresh button added.

Please wait for the next release to confirm the issue.


Verified the "Refresh" button is provided and is working.

The Refresh button is provided at the top.

When looking at 100 entries this will be an inconvenient to have to scroll up to find the "Refresh" button.

Is it possible to have one at the bottom as well?

In any event I am happy that there is a "Refresh" button.