Identity Broker plug-in should provide drop down list of Adapters.

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

The Identity Broker changes-plug in should have a drop down box of adapters, much like the list of FIM MAs available in the FIM MA plug-in wizard.

Annoying to have to go look up Identity Broker config to find the Adapter ID.

Shane, I agree this is ideal but it would also be quite a timely endeavour.

Adam, I suggest we attempt this if we have time available towards the end of this week. I imagine it would work in the same manner as executing actions against a selected FIM agent? Also brings up the problem of the damn separate screens which we have to look at.

Work on this has been completed. Once documentation has been suitably updated, I will mark this issue has been resolved.

Drop down added and documentation updated. Please confirm resolution in the next release

As per discussion, will be on the road and can't confirm before beta release.

Can you please confirm this for me as I don't have a readily available Identity Broker instance.