Default start from times on the schedule should default to the current time

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

Base occurrences default with a "start from time" of 12pm. It may be easier if the behaviour from Event Broker v2.x is used here instead, in that the default time should be the current time. This will mainly be of assistance in ensuring all operations are not all running at the same time. The alternative is that most configurations will have all import and export checks occurring at the exact same second for all operation lists.

Hi Bob,

Do you have any opinion (one way or the other) on how we're doing this now versus how Matt is suggesting we do it?

I concur with Matt 100% on this one Patrick ... I immediately noticed this change in behaviour myself, and definitely believe the old way is preferable (entirely for the reason Matt stated).

Base occurrence times now default to the current time - reassigned for confirmation of completion.

Can this be closed Matthew?


Assigned to Tony

Tested and confirmed.