What is the icon next to the agent on the index page meant to mean?

Adam van Vliet 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

There is a warning icon next to the agent in the agents index page.

I assume it's a connection thing, but there are no tooltips or messages.

See attached.


Adam, this is the work Tony did today... the intention is to inform users when an agent connection is down (to compliment the home page alerts), but not quite sure where the message is or what was intended.

All the information required to display anything about an alert pertaining to an agent has been made available -

I decided not to display the messages alongside those alerts as it was going to be subject to change regardless, and in the case of the FIM agent it looked pretty ridiculous having the alert and then the delete / edit at the end.

Could this information be display as the alt and title of the image so that it's displayed on mouseover?

At the moment all the icon does is confuse, because there is no additional information available.


Both operation list and agent alerts are available on their respective index pages.