Operations tree functions do not perform as expected

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

A few issues were found when playing with operation list functions in IE9 to see what more expansive operation lists would look like in the browser. These include:

  • If an operation is moved below an operation with children, all the children disappear (the root operation remains)
  • I had an operation with 3 levels (root, child, then 2 children of the child). I "moved down" one of the 2 children, and it cleared all children, leaving only the root
  • Operations cannot be promoted at any level, whether added initially as children, or demoted to become a child
  • After performing the above tests in IE9, the operations functions menu became unresponsive and the browser could not contact the running Event Broker service. I was not able to replicate this after performing a far larger test using IE9, however (ie. adding more children, moving and demoting some operations).

Promote was passing the operation ID twice, rather than the operation list ID and the operation ID

Do as much of this as you can until Adam is available on Thursday again.

I have fixed the behaviour of move down, but strange behaviour is still exhibited when moving up or down when children are present. Will continue to investigate this

Demoting is copying the next operations as next operations of the newly formed child operation.

Tony and I were able to resolve these issues. Following these fixes, I attempted to reproduce the operations functions issues in IE9, but that may have been an artefact of some bad cloning occurring when moving operations and duplicate ids.

Resolved, assigned to Tony to confirm resolution

Confirmed complete

Confirmed complete.