Should the Event Broker installer MSI name come up in the UAC prompt?

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

When you install or uninstall Event Broker on a machine with UAC active (eg. Windows 7), the MSI name in the Program Name field when installing, repairing, or uninstalling, is an unintelligible collection of letters and numbers (eg. 8eb628.msi). The publisher is correctly verifiable, but should this be the name of the Event Broker MSI rather than this name?

Taking a screenshot of this behaviour is a bit more difficult as it involves changing some registry settings, but I can acquire one if necessary.

From the below SO article, it appears that the sign tool needs an extra command line parameter /d that sets the description of the installer.

Please take a look at this:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4315840/the-uac-prompt-shows-a-temporary-random-program-name-for-msi-can-the-correct-nam


Have to modify CI process to sign installers individually instead of by a wildcard so appropriate names can be used. Will do first thing tomorrow morning.

Can you please test this with the latest installers from Buildmachine.

Verified the install and uninstall now says "UNIFY Event Broker" in the product name. Closed.