Default authentication mode (Windows\SQL) should be consistent for each agent\operation

Carol Wapshere 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 14

The default authentication mode is different for each agent - for example, the FIM Agent defaults to SQL Authentication but the SQL Agent defaults to Windows Authentication.

FIM Agent Windows Auth Default.png
SQL Agent Windows Auth Default.png

Hi Matt,

I can't think of any reason why these agents should default to either option, so you can have a look at this? Windows should probably be the default. They should also be ordered the same.

Linked to EB-344, as it is pointless making this consistent without finalising the SQL Agent.

Attached screenshots

Resolved, see screenshots. Both SQL Server and FIM agents default to SQL authentication (which will be the most common as using a SQL login is the suggested way of connecting to the FIM database). Please confirm this is satisfactory, and confirm correct in the next release.

Hi Matthew,
I would actually maintain that Windows is the default recommended method, especially as it is the only way for the FIM Service account to talk to its own database. I don't often see SQL auth used at all these days.

Matthew, please look at this again.

I agree with Carol. In fact many clients refuse to have anything to do with SQL Auth now days as insecure / an admin pain ....

Please also see how it looks with Windows first in the View.

No worries, thanks for the feedback. I believe that the initial reason for this was a Microsoft article attempting to deter users from using the FIM Sync account to talk to the database, and so they had suggested using a SQL login (can't remember where I found this though). Easy enough to change. Will do so very soon.

Attached new screenshots

As requested, I have changed the defaults to Windows authentication. Please confirm.

Tony, could you please confirm the above.