access to selective user(s) apart from the user that installed the product

Daniel Walters 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

I got some questions from Srini from IBM. They're building the DEV environments for DET.

We are having some issues with providing complete access to selective user(s) apart from the user that installed the product. Is this possible?

Also, please let us know if the product can be un-installed and re-installed without any issues. - I beleive this won't cause any issues but worth checking.

Daniel, I'll try to answer these as best I can.

First off is that I think your first question is saying that only the person who installed the product is able to use the product fully - is that correct? I would guess that this account is also the account being used as the service account? I'm not entirely sure in what ways you are having access issues, but essentially the console user needs to have adequate rights in order to perform certain operations that involve a target system. For example, in order to add a run profile operation, you would need to be an MIISBrowse user. Moreover, in order to test certain plugin operations (adding them is no issue), the account will need the corresponding access that the service account would require to contact said system. However, as the documentation states in the Security Surface section, any user should be able to open the console, and look at existing configuration (and edit plugins). Let us know if this is not the case. I don't believe the MIISBrowse requirement is in the documentation, but I will ensure it is there.

Regarding the uninstallation of the product, it is advisable that you export the server configuration before you go ahead. Your new install can still pick up the old UNConfig.xml file (which dictates options) and point to the old database, but it is still advisable as a precaution.

Let me know if the above is not satisfactory.

I don't know why Srini is asking you, Daniel, he has already received an answer to the e-mail he sent to Craig Gilmour, Peter Tiernan, Richard Green and myself.

Craig's response is as follows:

I thought the installation screen has a step that allows the installer to select whether the application is available for All Users.
In fact I thought this was the default. However, I have seen it not provide a desktop or menu link before. All you need to do is create a shortcut on your desktop to the source of the Binary.


He must have sent a few. He emailed me along with Richard, Paul and Craig G the questions I raised today at about one o'clock. Craig said the one he replied to was from another day.

Thanks Matt, that clarifed it. Craigs reply worked and we double checked the service account. All worked.