MIIS and AD Plugins required?

Daniel Walters 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Srini is telling me that in the DEV environment (that we don't have access to) he requires the AD and MIIS plugins for Event Broker. It was my understanding that in the current version, 2.2.3, these were already packaged with the standard Event Broker installation. Is this correct? If not, is it alright for me to send them to him?

Daniel, the AD plugin is definitely packaged with Event Broker. "MIISPlugin" is the name of an Event Broker assembly, not really a plugin itself, so I'm not sure what he is referring to there.

In short, the only plugin you probably don't have is the Identity Broker v3.0 Changes plugin, which is in a separate installer. Outside of that, you should have all the plugins you need.

Thanks, thats what I thought. I'll double check with him the exact files he thinks he needs.

What he is probably referring to are the Event Broker patches (v2.2.1 and v2.2.2.2). Event Broker v2.2.3 contains these already.

Hi Daniel - has this issue been sufficiently resolved, and can it be closed?

Issue resolved and closed - he didn't need the files.