The About Page could be made more helpful to UNIFY

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

The following improvements could be made to the About Page:

  • The subject for support and licensing are merely "Support" and "Licensing" at this stage. It would be more helpful if these were updated to have some sort of Event Broker reference, eg. "Event Broker v3.0.0 Support"
  • The Support section could provide a link to the Event Broker project page, rather than just the support email. Most requests we have could be addressed by the JIRA project or Confluence documentation.

Assigned to Patrick.

As we are waiting to finalise licensing procedures.

The contactus email should also be removed in my opinion.


Further to Adam's comments, I don't see why there should be any email addresses at all. Everything should go through JIRA (as is already done by the links in the footer). The licensing project will be available before RTM, as will the new support project if it changes.

Will keep this on me as a prompt.

The following changes have been made:

  • Updated "Support" link in footer to point to correct JIRA project.
  • Removed "Support" email address from about page, now points to JIRA project
  • Removed "mailto" link from licensing email

Happy with those changes. Issue closed.