EVB 3 remains hosted at localhost regardless of hostname config.

Richard Green 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

Hi Guys,

We're having issues with EVB onsite at APRA today.

It's installed in the self hosted configuration, with the following current config:


Despite multiple attempts at different hostnames, the interface remains hosted at http://localhost:8081

Am i missing something?

Can you set the "ipAddress" instead of the host name. It's a problem with the underlying web server - it's impossible to bind it (or anything else) to a host name, only an ip. I'll make sure we update the doco accordingly.

Also, I urgently need a response on this morning's email, even if it's "we can't do anything about this today"

Thanks Patrick, that worked great. What an annoying issue :S

I've responded to your email, will supply some detail shortly.

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