Default retry settings

Bob Bradley 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 5

The default value settings for retries need to be reviewed and changed to optimise service performance ... e.g. the default retries for ANY export run profile operation (where the outgoing pending check operation is used) should be zero, since the outgoing pending criteria check will occur again anyway, and retry logic will only clog up the processing queue. Similarly for most inbound operations ... in fact very rarely do we want retries to occur at all. Maybe there are some occasions where we need it, but this is turning out to be mostly redundant.

Hi Patrick ... can you please make this an Event Broker 3 issue? Somehow it got created under "FIM"

Moved: FIM => PRODUCT => FIM Event Broker

Reassigned for confirmation of completion (assert that default is now 0).

Confirmed in latest installer.