Merge Existing PowerShell operations into a single PowerShell Script operation

Tony Sheehy 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

There are currently three Power Shell operations which have not been clearly separated (namely with distinguishable use cases).

These three are the PowerShell Execute, PowerShell Function and PowerShell Script operations.

Merge the PowerShell Execute and Function operations into the Script operation through upgrades.

PowerShellFunctionConfiguration issue: Parameters hiding property on base class.

Resolved. Reopen/create new issue if EB-515 identifies anything.

This issue shouldn't have been resolved as there is still the following error:
PowerShellFunctionConfiguration.Parameters hides PowerShellConfiguration.Parameters. The should either be renamed to not clash, or split out into different classes. done.

Also outstanding are comments, eg PowerShellScriptPlugInTestFixture and PowerShellPlugInTextFixture. done.

Confirmed complete.