Event Broker: Sorry, you do not have permission to perform this action.

Victor Maceda (NZ Parliament) 11 years ago updated by Adam van Vliet 6 years ago 8

When I login to the event broker I'm redirected to http://localhost:8080/Error/Unauthorized with an error message:
Sorry, you do not have permission to perform this action.

I tried the fim admin and the fim event broker service account and I'm still getting the error. I've also restarted the service and still I got the error. I've reinstall the program restarted the service and I still got the same error.

Currently, I'm stuck. Any help is appreciated


Got this sorted. Found out where the problem is. Can you please close this issue

Received from Victor:

Go to C:\Program Files\UNIFY Solutions\Event Broker\Services\Extensibility\Unify.Product.EventBroker.EventBrokerPlugInKey.extensibility.config.xml

Make sure you have the following:

If self-hosted:

If hosted in IIS (specify the users who need access):

Restart Unify Event Broker Service.

Thank you Victor Maceda (NZ Parliament). I have created EB-642 to update our documentation.

Adam, can this now be closed?

Hi, I'm getting this exact error at ACT Health. The picture instructing what to do is a broken link. What do I need to do? It's IIS hosted. I already have Full Control over the mentioned file, is it something else?

It was the EventBrokerPlugInKey config file in \services\extensibility access control AD groups I had to be added to to fix this.

Please raise a ticket in Ivanti.

I found the fix as above. Do you still want a ticket?

Ah, misread your comment. All good, thanks.