Add hourly schedule as default for incoming FIM MA operation list

Tony Sheehy 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

Currently the implementation for the FIM Portal is essentially a listener, although it won't use a listener operation. However, it does not benefit from the checkoperation/listen operation pairing that AD/LDAP listen do.

If changes were missed for the FIM Portal listener, you'd have to wait for subsequent changes or the synchronization oplist to fire.

Consider adding a polling schedule for explicit delta-import delta syncs:

Benefits: Don't rely on synchronization oplist
Demerits: Scheduled delta imports.

It's an interesting suggestion but I don't think it should be applied. I'm assuming this is talking about the auto config approach for the FIM MA. There have been no significant problems on client sites with the workflow approach, and implementers have added extra schedules where they have been required. As such, the default and recommended setting for users should not include this extra schedule. The auto config already adds the "Synchronization Operations" operation lists which include regular baselines of the target systems.

There may be some cases during testing or heavy baselining where the FIM EB service may get interrupted, but this is not the case in common use scenarios such as Production or normal test environments.

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