What would be the value of FIM inactivity schedule

Tony Sheehy 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

What would be the value of a capability to execute operations following inactivity of FIM?

Leaving the implementation details, what this could be interesting for would be to Archive the run history following periods of inactivity;

What you would get out of that would be archives for blocks of activity, as opposed to a flat day/week; and considering the adaptive model, you would see an initiating change and then all the subsequent operations executed because of that first change.

Personally I would be more interested in something that did that in the portal - so I could trigger housekeeping tasks based on inactivity. Triggering tasks after a period of sync service activity does not interest me very much. If I need something to run when the system is quite I will have blocked that time out of the other schedules already.

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Yeah I agree with Carol, plus it makes things unpredictable when manual intervention is taken (ie. someone logs on and thinks "oh look it's not busy" and performs some manual operation). What would be more useful is to keep track of periods of inactivity to assist the user in adjusting scheduling, ala EB-27

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