Improve 'edit' for Maintenance Settings

Matthew Woolnough 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Directory is saved, but is not displayed in UI.


Hi Matt,

On the attached screenshot, is the list of operations at the bottom where you're expecting to see the archive directory location?

crappy screenshot uploaded.

I agree this could be confusing, but the suggested solution would add technical problems I don't want to have introduced into FIM Event Broker.

Instead, I would like to have links to the two operation lists (clear and baseline) of the maintenance settings provided, so that we don't have to map the meanings of particular operation lists to the maintenance settings.


I was about to comment on this also. I think Tony's suggestion is probably along the right track. If we don't repopulate the page, I'd like to see some indication that an existing 'clear run profiles' operation has been configured. Possibly a list of any Operation List that has a 'Clear Run History' operation as part of it (include any that the user may create themselves).

I'd probably just list any with the operation since there will be clients updating from 3.0 that will have profiles other than the "baseline' and 'clear' profiles we create now.

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