Provide outgoing provisioning functionality

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 9

Outgoing operation lists require a v3.0 equivalent to the "Outgoing Provisioning Pending" from former Event Broker versions. This likely will take the form of an outgoing check operation, checking the targeted FIM instance's database for pending export on particular MAs. In addressing this, the following questions will need to be addressed:

  • Check if MAs have an ID that is consistent, even after management agent rename
  • Check the WMI interface to see if you can trigger an MA by its ID rather than its name

Management agents have a Guid identifier. This does not change when the management agent is renamed

Run profiles also have Guid identifier.

Pending exports can be retrieved using a WMI query found on http://www.wapshere.com/missmiis/vbscript-function-exportspending, rather than the database mechanism. This should be explored

First draft documentation complete

This has been done by the outgoing pending plugin. Marked as resolved

Updated remaining estimate

Reopening. There seems to be an issue with the WMI interface in that an operation is marked as an update via this mechanism until a confirming import is performed. As such, we may need to revert to the FIM database query for this check.

As we already have to go to the database for the run profile stuff, I'd be fine with this provided it's still just a select query. We'll want to re-visit the query again for the performance problems in the last version too.

Removed error check, exports should be attempted until they have been "successful". Reopen if issues found during testing

This has been extensively tested by multiple people. Issue closed.