Edit operation architecture for saving of arbitrary information

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

It will be useful to save information about operations that is not essential to their execution, but can be used for diagnostics and/or suggestions. The operation architecture should be extended to allow for the collection of information such as:

  • Execution time of operations, for calculating averages or suggesting extensions
  • Additional information required by/for plugin operations
  • Operation list overlap for diagnostics

Estimate includes investigation of current setup, examining plugins where additional information may be required, further development, and testing.

Arbitrary information for health diagnostics is out of the scope of this release. Assigned to v3.X

Matthew Clark, UFCORE-73 will attempt to capture some of these things. Later versions with then attempt to extend on this information.

Can this issue be closed?

Closed or migrated to VSO.