eDir Changes Event Broker Plugin

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 1

Event Broker presently cannot detect changes in eDir, and a new plugin is required soon due to an increase in the number of Novell sites looking to migrate to ILM - such as the JPM Chase lead presently being followed up by PT. I understand that the eDir ODBC driver is supposed to be able to read the change log, but our resident Novell experts may be able to provide details on the best approach to use. With the spotlight on Event Broker now (especially with the advent of ILM2), it is important that we are able to add to the change detection plugin collection so as to maximise sales opportunities. I think eDir is at the top of the pile, but other candidates include the following:
. IBM Universe/DB2 (Cath Ed!)
. Exchange 5.5 (Cath Ed)
. Sun (QDETA)
. ???

Matt, please follow this up with Bob to determine whether it is still applicable.