Customer reported one MA not running

Carol Wapshere 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

Customer reported the Cisco ADLDS MA was not running even though Event Broker reported all fine.

After watching it I could see that it was running in exact sync with another EB operation, both belonging to the same exclusion group. The other operation always seemed to take precedence.

I have gone through and added different numbers of seconds to the schedules.

What version of FIM Event Broker is installed?

Is the second operation list set to queue on missed?

v3.0.2 Revision #2

I can't see where to set queue on missed. The approach of not setting schedules to whole minutes has helped anyway.

Oh ok it's not on the page I see when I edit an operation - I have to click on the edit button next to the operation name. I thought that was just for renaming. Thanks