The StoredValues collection persists the details of previous check operations

Tony Sheehy 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 1

The storedvalues collection currently persists the details of previous check operations. This becomes a problem in the following scenario:

1) An AD Changes check operation checks against an existing AD instance and retrieves a highest uSNChanged of 1000.
2) The agent of the AD Changes check operation is then changed, to point to a completely separate AD instance

{with a current highest uSNChanged of 20}

3) Changes will not be registered with this new AD Changes operation configuration until an operation the highest uSNChanged of the target AD instance is >1000.

The storedValues details of an operation list with a check operation will need to be reset/modified when either the agent of its check operation is changed, or its check operation is deleted/replaced.

Requisite changes made and tested against the AD instance on prdgrp-test1.