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Meni Ariely (European Patent O 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

Good morning,
We had our Scheduler stopped for a few days. When we started it again on Monday, an operation scheduled for Saturday has started running immediately. Why does it happen and what would be the solution?
From Log:
14.Mai.2012 16:48:27 Information
Operation Engine The scheduler was started successfully.
14.Mai.2012 16:48:27 Information
Operation List Executor Operation list FIM & AD Full started

FIM Event Broker
FIM & AD Full
User Comment
Udpate Users and Groups to FIM & AD

Runs every 1 week(s) on Saturday at 22:00:00 starting from 03.Apr.2012

Thanks for your support,

Meni Ariely

Hi Meni,

Thank you for noting this behaviour. When the scheduler is disabled and reenabled, Event Broker will attempt to run anything that was due to run while the scheduler was disabled. This is functionality which will be updated in a future version of Event Broker.

In the mean time, if you require an operation list not to run for any reason, there are a few options available to you:

  • If you are performing certain maintenance or other server operation that warrants Event Broker operation from ceasing, you are able to select operation lists from the Operations page and disable them as required - they will not run when they are reenabled. See EB300:Operation Lists for more information.
  • If there are known outage periods in your environment, consider extending your schedules using the Timing Properties available, such as excluding certain dates and times. See EB300:Schedules for more information.

In both cases, the scheduler can be left enabled and will not perform unexpected operations.

Please let us know if this assists you, or if you have any further questions or issues.



Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for the clarification. We shall not disable the Scheduler anymore. Instead we'll disable the Operation one by one.
Looking forward for the correction in future updates of Event Broker.


Meni Ariely


Good to know. You are also able to select multiple operation lists at a time and enable/disable them on the Operations page by using the checkboxes.

I will mark this call as resolved in our issue management system and we will inform you as new versions become available.