Event Broker Active Directory Sync Changes RESET button

Bob Bradley 10 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

One thing I've found myself doing quite regularly is editing the Check Operation settings for an AD Incoming operation list simply to reset the change watermark (or whatever is used internally to compare against AD for changes). I have worked out that this seems to be the only way to reset this - and the reason I find myself doing it is after a config change or a deployment. I am thinking that rather than leave this as an indirect process it would be good to have a RESET button as well as the existing edit/delete buttons - along with a mouse-over to say what this does exactly.

I have created this issue against the CSODBB project purely because this is what I'm looking at right now - not because it is specific to that site. If I should be creating this against the product directly I don't know how ... so please move if you need.

Thought it worth pointing out that the reset button would need to be used whenever an existing AD listener config is changed ... thereby invalidating the previously stored "watermark" (whatever it is). Point being that resetting automatically when the changes config alone changes may not be sufficient.

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