Improved deployment capability

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

Once testing is complete the Event Broker configuration is invariably deployed to new target environments, meaning that various configuration components (specifically connection details and file paths) are invalidated in the process. About the only things that (happily) remain consistent from one environment to the next are the various FIM MA and run profile guids ... but just about everything else needs adjustment. The changes I am referring to are generally either (a) to the agents, (b) to (non-run profile) plug-ins.
Some thought should be given to how to improve the deployment experience (or more importantly the integrity of a tested solution) ... conceptually adopting a similar model to the FIM Sync Service's "import server configuration" wizard.

Hi Bob,

Agree entirely. We've talked about this a few times before (particularly at one point when you had to copy the extensibility folder from one environment to another) - as far as v3.0 goes it was a purely scheduling issue. We'd hoped to retain a similar option to 2.2 initially with the import/export, but the deadlines were too tight.

In v3.1 we're aiming to have at least that much possible through the UI, and I know Craig + others were interested in the idea of importing/export "partial" configs (ie a selected list of agents, operation lists, etc - EB-169 relates to this) as well. As for how we can make those volatile settings (agents, etc) more easy to edit, that's something we can explore with you for v3.1 (which won't be until 2012 some time).

Thanks again.

Matt, as you've dealt with EB in dev/test/prod environments you can probably offer the most advice here. Will discuss it further with you when we start v3.1